Amano Colab by Lorena Laing

Amano was created by fashion artist, Lorena Laing. The Melbourne design firm is now an international brand, featuring functional, luxe alpaca knitwear, fashion accessories and homewares.

Amano works with skilled local artisans to hand knit and weave pieces with a nod to traditional techniques meshed with natural, delicate materials to ensure no two garments are the same. 

Renowned for its dedication to ‘slow fashion’, Amano takes a step back with its craft and focuses on sustainable, ethical and traditional artisan processes to bring its clients a truly unique modern piece. The difference in detail stems from subtleties, enduring colour palettes and depths, rich textures and finishes – the mark of raw, natural sustainable fibres and the work of local artisan hands.

Needle knitting, crochet, loom weaving and working with one of the last knitting mills left in Australia, Amano’s contemporary capsule collections of divine alpaca knits and accessories are featured in carefully selected boutiques, from Melbourne to New York.