Amble Outdoors

Amble Outdoors founder Rhianna was fed up with wearing technical apparel that didn’t reflect her values. When heading out on hiking trips, she didn’t want to wear clothes made for mountaineering when she was just going for a little weekend adventure. 

With a background in design, development and sustainable supply chains Rhianna set out to create a brand that she could be proud of. One that encouraged women to get outdoors, whether you identify as ‘outdoorsy’ or not. Amble launched from a crowdfunding campaign and has been community focused since.

From day one they've been committed to sustainability -from using recycled fabrics, partnering with ethical manufacturers, plastic free packaging and offsetting their carbon footprint.

The Amble Waterproof jackets are continuously selling out, and for good reason.  Fully waterproof, windproof, lightweight and with countless functional features - the Amble jacket is quickly becoming our go-to outer layer.